Select Page showcases a private collection of original art frames created and hand drawn by legendary cartoonist CHIC YOUNG (1901 – 1974) for the classic “BLONDIE”, syndicated and published in over 2000 newspapers worldwide. 

The story as relayed to the current owner:  the collection belonged to a gentleman that we’ll call Morris, who became a very successful art dealer. In his formative years, young Morris apprenticed for Chic Young.  One his many duties was to deliver the hand-drawn Blondie strips to the newspaper for inclusion in daily publication.    Young Morris had the foresight to hold onto the drawings when the newspaper no longer needed them, knowing someday they would be collectible.

As the story is told, Morris developed a taste for gambling in his later years. However much like Dagwood, Morris was not a lucky man.  Needing an infusion of cash to fuel predilection for wagering, Morris dipped into his personal collection selling off these iconic collectibles.  The Blondie collection displayed here is the result.

The collection is made up of 35 pieces ranging in publication dates from 1951 – 1965 and is searchable by year.  Enjoy the collection, and if you have questions about collecting any of these frames for your personal collection, you can contact the owner by pressing the “Boopadoop” button below.